What is Naruto’s current strength level now that Kurama has died?

As a result, Kurama’s death has had a far-reaching impact on the whole shinobi community, not just Naruto. We have peace today as a result of Naruto’s status as a « War Hero » and « The Strongest Shinobi. » If you like naruto look the collection in naruto merchandise

It only took one Hokage, Hashirama Senju, to capture all nine-tailed beasts and deliver them to adjacent towns, ensuring that the balance of power was maintained and everyone agreed with his policies. Things began to change after he died, however. Under Tobirama Senju’s reign, distrust began to rise even among clans that belonged to the same secret village.

The same thing is likely to happen if word of Naruto’s defeat spreads. Regardless of how wonderful he gets in the future, Naruto is no longer the strongest shinobi. The scenario may change if Naruto masters his sage mode and the Yin Yang chakra is entrusted to him by Hagoromo Ohtsutsuki. That, or Kurama makes a comeback.

What are the chances of Kurama resurrecting?
Although it’s too early to rule it out, Kurama’s chances of resurrection are extremely limited. In general, when a Jinchuuriki’s Biju is withdrawn, the Jinchuuriki dies; but, in Naruto’s case, Kurama had just left, and it was the reason Naruto had survived the entire experience.
According to the nine-tailed fox, the Baryon Mode ate Kurama’s life-force chakra. So, if Kurama reappears, there must be part of his Chakra left over. Naruto, on the other hand, would have sensed his Chakra if that were the case, which he hadn’t until now. Boruto, on the other hand, is still ongoing, so anything is possible. Maybe Ukyo Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto will bring back the nine-tailed beast when the comic concludes.